The House Matters in Divorce

Untangling the Legal, Financial and Emotional Ties Before You Sign on the Dotted Line….

In divorce, deciding what to do with the house can become a source of strife, confusion, and financial ruin. Most are unprepared for the legal and financial ramifications about keeping or selling their home–their most important financial asset.

Divorce is stressful enough by itself. In the midst of other traumas, many divorcing people discover that they aren’t just married to a spouse–they’re married to a house and a mortgage, too. Their most financially and emotionally important asset can become a source of strife, confusion, anxiety–and all too often, financial ruin.

As they discover, it’s not enough to divorce their former partner; they must divorce the house–a treacherous process, fraught with risks and unexpected challenges. Navigating it successfully requires expert help–and the kind of practical information provided in this book. Few people fully understand the complexities of real estate transactions, let alone their long-term ramifications. These matters take on even greater weight when they occur in the context of a wrenching, perhaps acrimonious breakup.

The House Matters in Divorce is a comprehensive guide written by an expert in divorce real estate that addresses all these issues, from the emotional impact to the dollars-and-cents details. It provides a framework of knowledge that will empower divorcing spouses to emerge financially sound and prepared for the future.

The result is a well-rounded view of what divorcing partners can expect, and concrete advice on how to manage the process.


Laurel Starks Your Real Estate Divorce Expert

Laurel Starks is the country’s foremost divorce real estate expert. Trained in both mediation and collaborative divorce methods, she speaks frequently on real estate and divorce issues to legal and alternative dispute resolution groups.

A former host of the talk radio program Real Estate Matters, Starks also serves as an expert witness in real estate matters related to divorce cases, including the mishandling of procedural aspects therein. She handles the sale of real property in family law cases, and is one of the top producing realtors in the nation. Laurel lives with her husband and two sons in Southern California.